Identify and Fight Crime On Social Media - Free 2 User Licence

6th July 2015 - 2:30PM GMT

SMC4 Observer enables Law Enforcement agencies to identify and fight crime by securely and easily managing large volumes of social media communications, alerting them to criminal behaviour and crimes in real time, which is instantly scalable in an emergency or crisis.

Integritie is gifting each Police Agency two admin user licences of SMC4, which includes observing up to 100 social media accounts, which is being used by Police worldwide to help fight and prevent crime. To sign up for free, simply click HERE.

SMC4 offers the following key benefits:

  • SMC4 provides full social media management

  • SMC4 uses social media tools to track person(s) of interest/ known criminals

  • SMC4 provides geo-location tracking, for example you can circle a property to listen to social media communications regarding use of drugs, organised crime, threat to persons etc

  • SMC4 provides a full Cyber Bullying Management tool to identify children at risk

To learn more and to log in to start using SMC4 for free simply visit:

Additionally, Police Agencies worldwide are using IBM i2 to connect dots and track organised crime, SMC4 provides a social media to i2 end to end module. Click Here to view a YouTube video that explains more.

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