Human Resources: Benefits

Automating your recruitment and administration processes means your HR team can focus on managing resources rather than paper.

Save on costs and increase productivity

Integritie’s HR Online solution improves paper management and process efficiency, providing automated HR control and accountability within the HR function, from the moments a new HR position is proposed, to when an employee leaves the company. HR Online reduces the burden on HR employees by automating manual processes and providing easy filing and retrieval of employee records.

HR Online is implemented as a Cloud (SaaS) offering via KC Online, a robust and fully secure platform for online processing. Utilising a Cloud based solution will minimise capital outlay by adopting a subscription based service based on the number of users and volume of data.

Less administration, more action

On average an HR department spends 50% of its time capturing, processing and answering questions about employee information.* Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that using HR Online to automate recruitment and employee administration yields considerable gains in productivity and reductions in costs. But the benefits don’t stop there. Employing the latest content management technology, HR Online also allows you to:

  • Meet your data protection obligations

  • Protect against confidentiality breaches

  • Improve line management access to information

Which in turn helps to:

  • Speed up candidate selection

  • Stop administrative delays to recruitment

  • Allow new staff to ‘hit the ground running’

  • Eliminate the manual handling of documents

  • Reduce processing costs

  • Increase accuracy and avoid payroll errors

With complete control of employee information throughout its lifecycle you’ll be confident that data is always secure and your processes are compliant without having to compromise on ease of access. What’s more, HR Online is easily integrated with your existing applications, including payroll, is completely saleable and can be deployed with minimal capital outlay.

* Source: Forrester