Human Resources: What it Does

HR Online uses a proven Advanced Case Management approach to ensure that employee records are complete and processes are consistent.

Implementing an ECM HR solution reduces the amount of paper documents and forms involved in the employee HR lifecycle and the time taken to perform routine HR functions, such as changing name and address data, managing holiday and sick forms and filing and retrieving employee HR files and records.

HR Online utilises proven Advanced Case Management to ensure each task can be processed quickly using consistent business rules that ensure regulatory compliance and data protection needs are fulfilled, mitigating risk.

All HR processes can be created as workflow orientated task where each action is tracked for auditable purposes. Automated routing allows documents to be easily shared with those with a need to review or action. A management dashboard and built-in reporting ensures that activity can be monitored and measured against internal service levels. Employee records are held securely in a familiar folder orientated hierarchy that is both intuitive and logical.

Automatic data compliance

HR Online takes the pain out of managing and tracking employee information. Capturing and processing all incoming documents electronically, it gives you complete control of how this vital data is handled. Every document can be automatically processed in line with data protection rules, equality legislation and company policy, without exception. Automatically filing a copy in the right individual’s electronic file, HR Online can extract any relevant data to update other applications, such as payroll and documents requiring additional action or review can be routed to the relevant individual or team in line with your existing workflow processes.

Thanks to the inbuilt reporting facility you can identify where information is missing and take appropriate action to ensure that employee files are always complete, accurate and up to date. Plus you can achieve full compliance with document retention rules and record handling best practice by automating the disposal of obsolete or time limited information and redacting sensitive data as required.

Smart access

In line with the most effective security protocols and data privacy rules HR Online allows you to centralise control of who can view employee information. Individual or role based access rights are used to define an individual’s ability to view information at file, document or data set level. This allows you to give line managers secure access to information relating to their direct reports, resolving issues and answering employee queries without delay. Plus you can empower employees, allowing them to view selected documents such as their benefits statements, overtime records or the status of requests without having to involve the HR team each and every time.    

Faster recruitment

Eliminating manual document handling allows your HR team to play a more effective role in recruiting new staff. Automatically sorting and distributing CVs and application forms to the right people for review frees up HR to focus on assessing the quality and suitability of candidates. And with an applicant’s information all being held in one place the recruiting manager and other interviewers will have access to everything they need to conduct thorough evaluations and hire the right candidate. Plus once a candidate has been selected HR Online can create the offer letter, automatically manage its approval and despatch.  

A flying start

Once the recruitment process is complete HR Online can help make sure that everything is in place when your new employee joins. Computers, security access, furniture, telephones etc can be automatically requested in one go with all the relevant documentation created, and progress tracked, by the system. Not only does this free up HR staff for more productive tasks and reduce recruitment processing costs it also ensures that your new member of staff is able to hit the ground running from day one.

Perfect payroll   

HR Online integrates with your payroll software, removing the need for dual entry of data and ensuring that salary payments are always based on the most up to date information. Payment omissions resulting from missing forms become a thing of the past and electronic approval removes the need for HR to chase signatures. Real time reporting means that the status of changes can be accurately monitored, whilst electronic forms provide the basis for a full audit trail of any amendments to an employee’s personal details or payment information.