KC Bulk Extractor

Knowledge Capture® - Bulk Extractor

Simple migration of objects from one Content Management system to another

Knowledge Capture® Bulk Extractor is an end to end software application that automatically migrates objects such as images and PC files with index information from many of the leading Enterprise Content Management applications, lifting and shifting the objects to a new Enterprise Content Management systems (such as Knowledge Capture, IBM FileNet, IBM Content Manager and MS SharePoint O365), file systems or to disk.

Knowledge Capture Bulk Extractor is a software application that provides the following functionality:

  • Extracts the documents

  • Places them into a staging area

  • Reconcilcation of the extracted documents

  • Index cleansing (adding additional index values)

  • Conversion to image or PDF format (or leaves as native formats)

When combined with the Knowledge Capture Bulk Loader tool, this content and index information can then be loaded into the required end destination, whether that be a new content management solution, a file system or disk.

Find out how to migrate to the following Content Management systems by clicking on the links below:


FileNet IBM FileNet
navi_card_IBMCM84new IBM Content Manager
navi_card_IBMCM84new IBM Content Manager OnDemand
sharepoint SharePoint
onbase Hyland OnBase