Knowledge Capture - Bulk Loader

Knowledge Capture Bulk Loader provides an automated document bulk loader solution to mass migrate and seamlessly import documents and associated index data into most leading ECM solutions, including:

KC Bulk Loader is particularly useful for companies that have legacy document repositories, file servers, CD data archives, content management systems, or a lot of documents (ie images, PDF or word files) that need to be consolidated into a single ECM platform, supporting corporate data merger requirements where inherited document management file systems contain images and document files which need to be consolidated.

KC Bulk Loader can also manage the capture of content from PC and server file systems along with scanning systems such as Kofax Capture or IBM Datacap. In combination with the content, many index formats are supported, including XML, fixed length and delimited text files.

KC Bulk Loader provides many document consolidation and migration features, functions, and benefits. Firstly providing a highspeed document import function, with most customers enjoying consolidation of circa five (5) documents per second.

The Knowledge Capture® Bulk Loader has a feature called ‘Option file’ which controls the way a document and associated index file should be processed. It defines each piece of index information and which ECM index fields or application fields should be used to hold the data. Foldering and workbasket processing is also defined in the option file.

KC Bulk Loader provides index data verification, cleansing, and enhancement through legacy database lookup and business rule definitions, with auditable import processes for verification of document archival.

Additionally, lookup files can be used to verify, validate, further populate and correct index information. The index information supplied in the index files can be used as the source to retrieve more meaningful data from a text file or ODBC database. After the documents are processed a report file and/or database report entry is created giving details of all successfully imported images. The option file defines the format of the report entry. For the report file, each line of the report is preceded by either a 'D' or an 'S' to aid loading the report into a database for analysis purposes.

KC Bulk Loader Auto Indexer automatically monitors PC and Server file systems based on capture policies, rules, and profiles. The Bulk Loader auto index will capture and migrate documents once identified by the auto index as meeting capture rules, such as word files with a specific file name. Once documents are identified the auto indexer will move the document(s) into the Bulk Loader ingestion progresses for loading into the ECM archive system of choice.

Key features include

  • The automated bulk loading of large volumes of business data easily and quickly from old systems into Knowledge Capture, Content Manager, OnDemand or SharePoint O365

  • Simple method for migrating from legacy applications such as Filenet, SharePoint, Content Manager, CMOD, CD-ROMS, etc

  • Flexible approach to managing document indexing and foldering

  • Fully integrated with Document Capture products

  • Fully integrated with industry leading content management applications, removing the need for systems integration projects. (reduced risk and costs of project migration)

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