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Knowledge Capture ® Database Synchronisation enables the synchronisation of index data contained in any ECM repository and a central business database (ODBC compatible).


It is all too common that client information is captured and archived into an ECM solution with index data that is meaningful at the time of archival however months or years later that information can be inaccurate and potential obsolete due to a lack of house keeping on the ECM solution. For example a client changing marital status can have an effect on both the person’s title and also their surname.


Knowledge Capture ® Database Synchronisation addresses this by monitoring updates in your business legacy systems and then comparing these updates with the associated records in any ECM repositories. Upon a change being identified Knowledge Capture ® Database Synchronisation issues an index data update request for the associated client record thus ensuring that the two systems are always synchronised.

Key features include



  • Enables an organisation to keep their data up-to-date in their image system easily and quickly
  • Avoids problems where multiple systems show different data
  • Fully integrated with ECM repositories such as IBM FileNet, OnBase, Sharepoint and many more.

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