Desktop Loader

Call Recording and Indexing Solutions

Knowledge Capture ® Desktop provides a Toolbar Macro which integrates seamlessly with Word, Excel, Outlook, and Lotus Notes, which enables the easy capture, index, and archival of emails, electronic documents, spreadsheets and presentations directly from the user business applications. (any digitized file).

Knowledge Capture ® Desktop also provides an easy to use Drag ‘N’ Drop launch pad to capture and index any digitized file(s) directly from a users PC desktop with archival into any ECM repository.


Key features include



  • Easily drag n drop documents from the desktop into your ECM solution of choice, (such as IBM Content Manager, IBM Content Manager OnDemand, FileNet, Documentum, etc)
  • Enables the automated loading of PC files easily and quickly
  • Easy option to Capture, Index, and archive any PC files in any format, such as word files, Lotus Notes and Outlook emails, Telephone Voice Recordings, Video, PDF etc
  • Provides user driven verification, validation, and Tool Tips to improve indexing accuracy: Selection from Lists, verification of data
  • Gives control of management of documents back to the user

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