Email Capture

Call Recording and Indexing Solutions

Knowledge Capture Email Capture is a tool that enables ad-hoc email archiving into any ECM repository, providing a simple, intuitive graphical user interface enabling the application user to select which elements of the email they wish to archive. i.e. just the email body, just the attachment, or archive both together. If the email includes multiple attachments the user can select which ones they wish to archive.


Knowledge Capture Email Capture tool enables the automatic extraction of email index data, such as From, To, Subject, Date and Time. Users have the ability to enter business data along with email index data for fast and accurate email/attachment search and retrieval.

Key features include :


  • Work within the familiar surroundings of your email program
  • Archive email and attachments to any ECM repository
  • Convert email body and attachments to TIFF or PDF
  • Merge email body and attachments into one TIFF or PDF document
  • Automatic capture of index data such as Author, Subject, Date etc
  • Capture individual or bulk email messages
  • Email archiving into your ECM solution of choice

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