Voice Capture

Call Recording and Indexing Solutions

Knowledge Capture® Voice Archive (KC Voice) captures, indexes, and releases individual, departmental, or enterprise wide telephone call recordings into the ECM solution of your choice, for rapid search and retrieval.


KC Voice provides three levels of call recording, from desktop recording of individual agents or teams through to enterprise wide call recording for both inbound and outbound conversations. The ability to capture a telephone conversation is only half the story, the real strength of KC Voice is its ability to ensure that the recording can be found and easily retrieved.

KC Voice achieves this by offering the capability to index telephone call recordings by meaningful business data such as client name, account number, policy number, call reason, call outcome and agent name in addition to the traditional telephony information such as callers phone number plus also the date and time of the call. The real strength of the KC Voice solution is that the agent taking the call will be providing this rich business index data without even realising it.

Many companies with existing telephone call recording solutions struggle to locate and retrieve calls to resolve customer disputes or business issues. Knowledge Capture takes this issue away from companies, with the industry unique index capture and immediate retrieval facilities.


Key Benefits Include

  • Full control of recording including, for example, by campaign, by agent, by call outcome, or by customer
  • Record every conversation and only save when required, for example, allowing telesales to pass audio files by E-mail to sales staff when an appointment is made
  • Allows agents to replay conversations if required during Wrap Up
  • A comprehensive solution that can grow from a few agents to many hundreds
  • Announcement to the Agent of a key campaign or a call from a key customer

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