Digital Mailroom: Benefits

Capture and Recognise at Source

Advanced capture allows any type of incoming communication to be recognised and processed, whether it is paper, fax, email in a variety of formats including; paper, faxes, XML and electronic documents. Integritie will work with the customer to design a solution that supports your business processes and integrates with the back office systems in place.

Automatic Identification and Routing

Integritie’s digital mailroom solutions are designed to efficiently recognise and manage all types of documents, such as customer letters, invoices, contracts, purchase orders, reports, forms and general correspondence. Once recognised, items are automatically routed to the correct department or back office system for processing.

Improved Customer Service

The implementation of a digital mailroom solution improves customer service by accelerating processing and response times. Inbound customer communication is instantly available to all knowledge workers.

Geographic Efficiency

More and more organisations are geographically dispersed where staff are no longer tied to one desk in one location. Modern business practices such as hot desking, working from home and geographic expansion can all lead to a significant delay in information received through the traditional mailroom reaching its intended recipient. A Digital Mailroom solution resolves this issue, delivering all information to all staff irrespective of location, globally.

Enhanced Productivity

Staff productivity can be increased through the redeployment of manual mailroom staff to more productive tasks. Pre-defined rules ensure that an organisation’s workflow policy is implemented instantly, meaning information is always available, on demand.

Time and Cost Savings

Implementing a Digital Mailroom solution eliminates the need for paper documents and forms. This means an end to paper chasing where papers and documents can be inadvertently mislaid or filed.