Digital Mailroom: How it Works

Implementing a Digital Mailroom solution is not as complex or costly as you might expect.

There are four stages to full deployment of a Digital Mailroom:

Planning and Design

Not all implementations are the same. Integritie consultants will work with your post room team to understand the scanning requirements (volumes) and types of documents typically received.

Analyse and configure document classification

A classification schema (taxonomy) will be created and routing / integration needs determined. Once approved and signed-off system implementation and configuration can begin.

Install capture technology (if applicable)

Whether you opt for a Cloud based solution or on-premise, you will need the capability to scan incoming post. Compared to a few years ago, technology has moved on and unless you have very high volumes of post (more than 50,000 items per day), scanning equipment and set up is relatively easy and inexpensive.

Where applicable, integration to email, fax and social media channels will be also be configured at this stage.

Build and Deploy

Once the capture solution has been deployed, the backend Content Management repository will be installed and configured.

A final (key) aspect of this stage is to apply the document classification and routing rules, i.e. How documents are classified, what index data is extracted and how and where each type of document is routed after front end processing.

Easily integrated and fully supported

A Digital Mailroom can be easily integrated with your existing customer records or CRM system to ensure accuracy of data without duplication. In designing and building a Digital Mailroom Integritie have combined:

  • Our expertise in image and content management solutions.

  • An in depth understanding of image capture, classification and document management processing, including audit, storage and compliance issues faced by organisations.

  • Our commitment to providing exceptional customer support.

The Digital Mailroom utilises Knowledge Capture© Online (KC Online), a robust and totally secure Cloud (SaaS) platform. However, if required, it can also be delivered as traditional on-premise implementation.  Either way, you can opt for a subscription based service where you only pay for the number of users and projected data storage requirements.