Digital Mailroom: What it Does

Less intervention, more control

Integritie’s Digital Mailroom solution enables organisations to capture and automatically classify (sort) and extract information from any inbound correspondence such as:

  • Letters (change of address, complaints, enquiries, close of account requests)

  • Contracts

  • Forms (application forms, claim forms, mortgage forms, direct debits)

  • CV’s

  • Policy documents

  • Statements

  • Delivery notes

Irrespective of how it arrived (hardcopy post, fax, email of social media channels), all correspondence can be automatically captured at source, classified by document type and automatically routed to the appropriate department or back office system.

Intelligent OCR and ICR technology has the ability to review a digital document and determine it’s type. Once determined, information relevant to the document type is extracted and used for indexing and routing functions.  For example, if a complaint arrives via traditional post, specific terms that denote a complaint are recognised and the document can be immediately routed to the Customer Services team or back office Complaint Processing system, such as CPS.

 In the same way, a direct debit mandate received by post will be automatically classified and the customer details (customer number, account number, date etc.) automatically extracted. The digital image is then sent to the finance department or appropriate back office system for processing.