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Project Launches to Move Filenet to the Cloud

Published November 2013

On November 12, the ITS Campus Community Technologies (CCT) Filenet team kicked off the project to move Filenet to a cloud solution, including upgrading Filenet to the current version.

Filenet is an enterprise content management software platform that has the ability to capture, store, manage versions, categorize, edit, and retrieve critical business documents in a controlled and secure environment. The Filenet functionality will remain the same but will feature increased security and a new interface with an updated look and feel.

Led by project manager Lynn Van Sweden, the Filenet upgrade will migrate existing data, workflows, and database lookups to a cloud solution known as Knowledge Capture (KC) Online. Features include integration with webMethods and Microsoft Office, storage level encryption, and single sign on with CAS.

Scheduled to deploy in May 2014, the goal is to provide a seamless migration with no disruption to critical business applications. The Filenet team is working with two partners to support these efforts. Integritie, based in the United Kingdom, provides the cloud solution with KC Online. Fairfax, based in New Milford, Conn., will bring academic experience and implementation support.

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