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Social Media C4 (SMC4) Goes Free

Published September 2013

Controlling Social Media from Abuse and Profanity with SMC4 Lite

SMC4, the world's first social media content management tool, today launches SMC4 Lite, which enables customers to manage and control Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for free.

Voted IBM Smarter Commerce Service of the Year 2013 in May, SMC4 provides brand protection against social media abuse by automatically checking, stopping and deleting profanity, sexism, racism and other inappropriate language on social messages. SMC4 Lite enables up to 10 ‘transactions’ per day, such as controlled social postings, automated deleting of profanity and scheduling marketing postings, with operational reporting to provide users with a bird's eye view of how their social media channels are performing.

Michael Veenswyk, CEO, SMC4 said: "Today's announcement gives everyone free tools to protect and control how people communicate with them via social media. SMC4's powerful features protect enterprises, SMEs and individuals from social abuse or attacks, ensuring highest levels of social media control, compliance, efficiency and customer care. Our clients are under pressure not just to be on social media, but to offer a consistent responsive customer service while addressing exponential growing volumes of messages in a timely and relevant way. SMC4 gives them the ability to do this."

SMC4 has also revealed upgrades to its SMC4 Premium and SMC4 Enterprise packages, which start from only £25 per user/month. Corporate and advanced users can use the full social media control, communication and compliance features within the Premium Edition, and advanced workflow and records management is available in the Enterprise version.

Veenswyk continued "Our clients are increasingly turning to social media to listen, engage and promote their products and services to their respective communities and customers. However, every organisation, especially in financial services and the public sector, needs to be able to control and communicate compliantly via these channels. We've seen a huge surge in social media customer care requirements such as Social Complaints Management, SMC4 provides a solution to address the simple and complex social communication management needs."

Veenswyk invites customers to use SMC4 Lite by going to the SMC4 registration page.

For more information, please go to: SMC4

About SMC4

Social Media Capture 4 (SMC4) is an out of the box social media communication and management tool providing a single sign-in tool controlling the receipt and sending of all Social Media communication needs.

SMC4 provides comprehensive controls and supervision tools ensuring published social media communication meets regulative policies with full audit, control and reporting tool of all social media communication, also providing a complete repository and e-discovery tools of all social media communications enabling regulative life cycle control and destruction of all social media communication

Effectively, SMC4 enables organisations to take advantage of the opportunity social media offers and allows companies to capture social media communication to respond to customer needs, ensuring two-way, real-time communication.

It controls company-wide social media communications, and also fits straight into existing company workflows.

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