Hardware Maintenance Technical Support Service

Integritie provide a comprehensive hardware maintenance service, enabling customers to consolidate all their IT hardware maintenance requirements into one easily managed contract. Our maintenance helpdesk ensures fast access to technical support teams with the relevant depth and breadth of skills to capture maintenance support issues and implement maintenance resolution activities.

Significant Financial Savings
Integritie help customers to lower maintenance support costs by negotiating the best possible rates on behalf of customers.


Telephone and Email Helpdesk Facility
The Integritie Helpdesk offers customers a dedicated email and telephone support service that complements their business needs, we offer either Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm or 24x7, depending on your service needs.


Reduction in Support & Hardware Maintenance Administration
Integritie creates and manages a central asset register for each customer, to simplify and consolidate customers hardware maintenance support contracts, including flexible contracts to enable the adding or removing of hardware assets to the maintenance contract when necessary.

One Annual Renewal Date

Integritie can provide hardware site audits, examining the configuration and build of all IT equipment, creating a central maintenance asset register. We also offer hardware consolidation consultancy, providing customers with a consolidated single annual renewal date for all hardware.

Products Supported

Integritie manages the hardware maintenance support of IBM, HP, Sun, Compaq, Cisco, EMC and most other hardware server, storage devices, and peripherals. We also provide maintenance support for capture devices, such as scanners, VRS, Kofax, Indicius, Kodak, Bell & Howell, Fujitsu, Plasmon, HP and many other peripherals.


Integritie would be pleased to discuss the savings and service improvements your company can achieve.

Just send us an email to maintenance@integritie.com requesting a maintenance quotation.