Software and Hardware Renewal Service

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Integritie provide a one-stop software and hardware renewal service. We help customers to simplify their renewal process, providing a dedicated renewals team to help customers co-ordinate renewal administration, ensuring customers only pay the best price possible for what they use.


Significant Financial Savings



Integritie help customers to lower Renewal costs by negotiating the best possible renewal rates on behalf of customers.

Consolidation of Renewal Dates and Reduction of Administration Cost



integritie makes the renewal process simpler and easier for customers by consolidating renewal contracts and expiry dates, reducing the number of contracts and administrative costs.

Timely Notification of Renewal Dates



Integritie renew customers software and hardware maintenance on time, providing customers excellent advance notification of pending renewals, which assists Finance departments regarding planning and budgetary processes. This ensures no surprises, while ensuring customers renewal coverage do not lapse, and helps to avoid late renewal charges.

Telephone and Email Helpdesk Facility



Integritie offer a renewals helpdesk service, dedicated to answering general renewals questions, and providing a central point of contact for all hardware and software renewal needs.

Products Supported



Integritie provide renewals support for IBM server and storage devices and peripherals, IBM Software and renewals for DB/2, Content Management, WebSphere, Lotus and Tivoli, and provide renewal services for capture devices such as scanners, VRS, Kofax, Indicius, Kodak, Bell & Howell, Fujitsu, Plasmon, HP and many other peripherals.


We would be pleased to discuss renewal consolidation and the savings and service improvements your company can achieve.

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