IBM Content Manager


Integritie are specialists regarding the services consulting and installation of IBM's Content Manager software.

IBM Content Manager provides a reliable, scalable, enterprise-wide image and document management solution to capture, create, organise and manage business information. Additionally Content Manager provides workbaskets, workflow, document routing, archiving and lifecycle management of mission-critical business content.


With IBM Content Manager, customers can harness the power of information and improve business processes across organisations. From images of scanned paper documents to faxes, graphics, desktop files, telephone call capture, video clips, documents of all types can be stored and managed.

IBM Content Manager represents the convergence of many technology areas, including:

  • Production imaging
  • Enterprise report management / Computer Output to Laser Disk (COLD)
  • Document management
  • Digital media asset management
  • Web Content Management
  • Records management

In a single, open and comprehensive framework, Content Manager handles the management, sharing, reuse and archiving of all types of digitised content.

With full-text search capabilities on both meta data and text-based documents, Content Manager allows users find and retrieve documents easily. 

Document routing functions support an easily defined, consistent and repeatable workflow capability, or, with the advanced workflow options, parallel and serial routing, sub-workflows, decision points, collection points and support for decision-automating data variables become possible.

The multi-tier, modular, distributed architecture offers:

  • Scalability to grow from a single department to a geographically dispersed enterprise,
  • Openness to support multiple operating systems, databases,applications and resources,
  • A secure, centrally managed, environment, with a single source of access for administration,
  • A powerful and expressive, XML-ready data model, and
  • Flexibility and completeness for document management and digital asset management

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