Call Recording and Indexing Solutions

Call Recording and Indexing Solutions


In a competitive business world providing excellent customer service is paramount to an organisation’s success. Organisations today face more legal, financial, customer service, regulatory and audit compliance reasons for recording calls than ever before. The real strength of the Integritie call recording and indexing solution is its ability to ensure that the recording can be quickly found and immediately retrieved.

Legislation Compliance



With legislation such as the Data Protection and the Freedom of Information Acts forcing organisations to provide customers with any company data that is relevant to them, including call recordings, the need to capture, index and archive telephone conversations is proving stronger than ever. It has now reached the point where the recording of a telephone conversation is almost academic, it is the indexing and management of these calls that is proving business critical.




Many organisations face the daily frustrations in searching for call recordings with little or no indexing information. Integritie have designed their solution to enable organisations to define index fields that are meaningful to their business enabling fast and accurate call retrieval.




Integritie’s solution is designed in partnership with the client to ensure that the security policies in place are supported and enforced to ensure that only authorised people can access each individual call recording.

Integrated with ECM Solutions



Integritie’s solution is integrated with the leading industry ECM solutions, including IBM, Hyland, Documentum, FileNet, allowing organisations to leverage their existing investment and deliver measurable Return on Investment through cost savings and improved service.

Utilise Existing Infrastructure



Integritie’s solution has been engineered to function with existing telephony infrastructure, whether it be a PBX, the PC workstations that are in place, or agents working from home on their own phone line.

If you would like more information regarding call recording and indexing just send us an email to and an Integritie representative will contact you.





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