Content Management solutions designed, implemented, and supported by Integritie provide companies immediate access to business documents, such as customer letters, scanned images, emails, business reports, faxes, telephone conversations, customer statements, contracts, security video, and other business documents, providing central client files and consolidated business data management.

Documents can be retrieved via line of business applications such as such as IBM FileNet, Oracle and Sharepoint, from GUI clients, intranet's or the Internet, ensuring documents are captured and moved via workflow to the right process, to the right person, at the right time. Integritie can enable customers and consumers to:

  • Gain a complete picture of a client relationship
  • Provide immediate access to the full range of customer and company business information needed to be responsive
  • Integrate data from across enterprise and around the world with secure internet and intranet access
  • Give people the tools they need to manage documents shared by collaborative workgroups
  • Reduce the cost of paper, microfiche, microfilm, and related administration costs
  • Implement business compliance to meet government information regulations
  • Ensure business risk mitigation, to protect your business information from fire, theft, flood, fraud, hackers, and security exposures.




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