Accounts Payable

Organisations need to constantly assess their ability to remain agile and competitive by focusing on reducing inefficiencies and cutting costs. This can be achieved by improving the efficiency within the back-office functions, such as the Accounts Payable (AP) department. Integritie provide Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions tailored specifically for the AP function that can automate accounts payable processes to reduce administration costs while improving finance process controls.

Accounts Payable (AP) procedures can be a challenge for organisations with increasing invoice transactions and complexity. To address these challenges many organisation are utilising Integritie’s Account Payable image capture and workflow solutions to assist with accounts processing, coordination, payment, tracking and long term archive and retrieval.

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Simple and Fast Reconciliation

Most organisations are looking to increase their productivity by reducing the cost and time taken to reconcile invoices and purchase orders. Integritie’s AP image and workflow solutions provide organisations with fast access to all invoices, automated invoice to purchase reconciliation, enabling the transfer of the invoice between staff for approval wherever they are located within the organisation.

Improved Audit Control

The ability for management to track and monitor AP processes through Integritie’s AP solution makes it easier to comply with financial compliance and audit requirements. A clear audit trail is created for every invoice and finance document resulting in easier management of non-conformance.

Regulatory Compliance


Integritie are specialists in the design and delivery of industry leading AP systems. We have an in-depth understanding of finance compliance issues that an organisation faces and architect solutions that meets the customer’s requirements. The ECM solution implemented as part of AP will deliver secure storage and assists an organisation in meeting legal regulations.


Secure Access and Retrieval

AP solutions provide real time access of invoices via the web, enabling financial data reconciliation, immediate document reprint facilities, including online faxing, printing and emailing of invoices or credit notes.

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