AR Image Capture Solution

Accounts Receivable Image Capture

Integritie understand that the most important factor for any business is the flow of cash and the ability to collect payments in a timely manner. With 61% of UK businesses stating cash flow as their No. 1 business issue* it is clear that this problem is hugely significant.

Whilst ERP and Finance Systems can help to control, manage and report on financial transactions, most companies are still heavily reliant on paper based documents and human interaction.

Integritie can provide significant benefits and cost savings by bridging the gap between your Accounts Receivable process, the paper documents and your ERP/Finance Systems.

"our Integritie Accounts Receivable solution has delivered a 75% staff productivity gain in its first 2 months, a reduction in invoice payment disputes to less than 1% and operational cost savings of 80% “

Charles Albury, JBR Building Supplies

The Integritie Accounts Receivable solution achieves this by providing the ability to scan your paper documents, such as sales, purchase orders and proof of delivery documents, to get them into an easily used electronic form. Once scanned we automatically extract key information from these documents based on the business critical information you require such as sales/PO number, date, quantity, unit cost and total.

The electronic documents can then be moved around your organisation for processing using electronic workflows before being stored in an ERP/Finance System integrated repository - where they can be easily search and retrieved, as and when required.

Through the introduction of an Integritie Accounts Receivable solution our customers have reported improved cash flow, reduced invoice discrepancies and operational costs and improved staff efficiency.

If you would like more information regarding Accounts solutions you are welcome to send us an email to and an Integritie representative will contact you.