Digital Mailroom Solution

CoDigital Mailroom Solutions

Despite the increase in electronic communication, organisations of all size still receive huge volumes of inbound mail. The traditional solution of manually filing these paper documents and distributing to staff, that may be dispersed across many locations, is no longer viable in a modern business.


Integritie provide digital mailroom solutions that improve efficiency in the mailroom function through the scanning and intelligent distribution of incoming mail. Our scalable, flexible solutions eliminate the need for manual sorting of mail and facilitate the automatic routing of mail to individual recipients, groups or backend ERP, CRM, ECM or workflow systems.

Automatic Identification and Routing



Integritie architect digital mailroom solutions that are designed to efficiently recognise and manage all types of documents (invoices, contracts, purchase orders, reports, general correspondence) in a variety of formats including; paper, faxes, XML and electronic documents. Integritie will work with the customer to design a solution that supports your business processes and integrates with the backend systems in place.

Improved Customer Service



The implementation of a digital mailroom solution improves customer service by accelerating processing and response times. Inbound customer communication is instantly available to all knowledge workers allowing consistency of service delivery.

Geographic Efficiency



More and more organisations are spreading their geographic footprint, resulting in staff that are no longer tied to one desk in one location. Modern business practices such as hot desking, working from home and geographic expansion can all lead to a significant delay in information received through the traditional mailroom reaching its intended recipient. Integritie’s Digital Mailroom solution resolves this issue, delivering all information to all staff, globally.

Enhanced Productivity



Staff productivity can be increased through the redeployment of manual mailroom staff to more valuable tasks. Pre-defined rules can ensure that an organisation’s workflow policy is implemented instantly; meaning information is always available, on demand.

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