Document and Content Management Solutions

Document and Content Management Solutions

Success in the modern business world requires control of an organisation’s data. This information will exist in many diverse locations and formats both structured and unstructured. Integritie provide Document and Content Management (DCM) solutions that capture, secure, manage and deliver data across entire organisations, wherever the information may exist. Integritie’s DCM solutions encompass all forms of data and can include; Images, Office, Documents, Faxes, Online content, email, IM, Video and database files.

Improved Customer Service



The interaction between staff and customers is critical to your business success. By giving employees the access to tools that deliver customer information, a business is truly customer focused. Integritie’s DCM solutions enable businesses to consolidate all customer records and deliver these instantly to staff across the entire global estate. The customer experience is a high quality, responsive, informed service.

Reduced Cost



The implementation of an Integritie DCM solution will deliver measurable Return on Investment through cost savings and improved service. Duplication of information is removed, resource costs associated with filing of data and searching for misplaced documents are reduced. Costly storage of paper documents is eliminated.




An Integritie solution is designed in partnership with the client to ensure that the security policies in place are supported and enforced by the DCM solution. Security levels can be set at Group, User, Folder, and Document level to ensure that the correct people can access data without compromising the security of information.

Regulatory Compliance



DCM solutions are designed to support an organisation’s regulatory compliance efforts. Integritie are experts in the requirements for storing, archiving and retrieving information for regulatory compliance, and will design a solution with this in mind.

Integritie assist organisations to develop and implement Document and Content Management solutions. We help to define business needs and scope a solution that delivers the best capture and archive systems. We deliver installation and ongoing solutions support.


Kofax Software Solutions



As part of the Document and Content Management solution Integritie use Kofax software. Integritie are a Kofax Business Partner.

If you would like more information just send us an email to sales@integritie.comand an Integritie representative will contact you.