Document Scanning, Classification and Extraction

Document Scanning, Classification and Information Extraction

From improving the speed and accuracy of on-the-ground processes to enabling greater transparency of management processes, organisations should have the specific solutions capable to achieve their objectives. In order for business data within an organisation to move from being an unwieldy burden to valued information asset businesses solutions should support the full lifecycle of how information travels throughout their organisation beginning with its capture. Integritie are experts in helping organisations to develop and implement image and document management solutions, we define solutions needs, scope best capture and archive tools and assist organisations with the installation and ongoing solution support.

Document Scanning



Integritie have many years experience in recommending and supply document scanners to suit business requirements. Selecting the right document scanner for an organisation is a vital part of the overall solution, whether it is a small workgroup or a large production scanner. Integritie will consider both the short and long term objectives of the organisation and recommend the best-fit solution.

Information Capture and Extraction



The first and most vital stage in information management for any organisation is the capturing and extraction of the various types of data that exist throughout the business, in the highest quality possible, and indexing it all so it can be retrieved quickly and easily. By collecting paper documents, forms and e-documents and transforming them into accurate, retrievable information the Integritie’s solution converts documents and data into useful business information that can accelerate business processes.

Integrated with Workflow and Content Management Applications



To enable organisation to distribute this information and support the flow of information throughout an organisation Integritie will integrate this powerful front-end solution with any workflow or content management applications already in existence within an organisation.

Integritie’s solution provide organisation with a powerful information capture capability that gives them flexibility and control of all business data.

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