Email and Instant Messaging

Email and Instant Messaging Solutions

Email & Instant Message (IM) archive solutions provides organisations with the ability to offload, archive and control the lifecycle of email, attachments and IM content and header information.


Fast Archiving and Retrieval



Email Archiving solutions provided by Integritie enables automatic and user interactive archiving of emails to a secure central archive. Our email archiving solutions can bulk archive entire mailboxes, selected documents in a view, or archive individual emails selected by the user. Rapid retrieval is possible through your existing email client or from a web browser.

Cost Savings



Integritie’s solutions are able to deliver measurable cost saving through reduction in the storage costs and administration associated with rapidly expanding email databases. Organisations that have deployed email archive solutions have been able to reduce wasted staff time in searching for business critical information that is stored in email or attachments.

Improved System Performance



Integritie have a proven track record of increasing the response time of Lotus Notes and MS Exchange systems through the implementation of email archiving system. By offloading the increasing volume of email and attachments to a low cost storage repository performance is improved, increasing the productivity of an organisation’s knowledge workers.




Integritie are information management specialists, we have in depth understanding and experience of the compliance issues surrounding email archiving. Our email archiving solutions are designed in partnership with each customer to meet the retention requirements governing email use.




All of Integritie’s solutions utilise the highest levels of document security and encryption of all archived emails. All emails stored in the central repository are protected from unauthorised access or manipulation. Automatic online backups and disaster recovery can be built into the solution to ensure further level of resilience of the archived data.

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