Human Resources

Human Resources solutions

In today’s increasingly compliance driven business environment, the legal, audit and HR compliance pressures on organisations comes from all directions. Organisations need to constantly assess their ability to meet legal and HR compliance regulations. Integritie provide Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions tailored specifically for the HR functions that allow organisations to digitise and manage all HR information, within controlled workflow processes.




HR Content Management solutions improve paper management and process efficiency, providing automated HR control and accountability within the HR function, from the time a new HR position is proposed to employee leaving the company. It reduces the burden on HR employees by automating manual processes and providing easy filing and retrieval of employee records.

Improved Efficiency



HR ECM Solutions provide automated workflows aligned to your business needs that can help control and manage the entire HR process, from creating a position to securing approval from necessary management wherever they are located within the organisation. Whether a HR application originated as a scanned document or from online forms it can be linked with any supporting documentation for review during any stage of the process.

Automated Processes



Automated notifications can be sent to other departments, such as payroll, facility management and IT departments, to ensure that the transition for a new employee is smooth. Similar notifications can be generated at termination to assure that services are deactivated.

Departmental Integration



Integritie can integrate ECM HR solution with organisations in-house departmental systems, eliminating unnecessary data re-entry and making documents securely available to those who need them.

Time and Cost Savings



Implementing an ECM HR solution reduces the amount of paper documents and forms involved in the employee HR lifecycle and the time taken to perform routine HR functions, such as changing name and address data, managing holiday and sick forms and filing and retrieving employee HR files and records.

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